Welcome to the site, this serves for two purposes, first as a back up for my various pieces of work and secondly as a kind of record of my progress into 3D art. Here you will find various styles of “art” in varied formats, I’m no expert in any and whilst I try to create something flawless, undoubtedly what my eye’s can’t see others may. It’s with that in mind I ask you, if you wish to critic me, do so on the presentation, idea or execution of the work, but not on morals or beliefs that may conflict with you own. Whilst my intention isn’t to offend, if I do, then I apologise before hand.

I’ve kept the site simple, so each thumb will open a new window. Some of my renders are originally produced with desktops in mind, others purely to see how they turn out, If you wish to see the full sized image, click the centre of the image and from the menu select “View Image”. So with saying that some images may take sometime to open up, so please be patient. Oh and be warned, there’s digital female nudity here also…

New imagesĀ  added to JEWEL
New images added to DRL Page

If you wish to contact me for what ever reason, feel free but remember I do this as a hobby and I’m no expert in this field. Contact me at any time using;, site releated to or you can find me at Deviantart under UnHolyOska.

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